The first time I saw the Peking Opera with my grandma in the village, I was fascinated by the traditional culture,
especially the costume they wore, they were so beautiful, elegant and exquisite.

Now over 30 years past, the beautiful memory is still quite clear in my mind, just like yesterday.

I really admire the skills and workmanship of the old dresses that are created in the Ming and Qing dynasty.
In my opinion, they are not just clothes, but flare the traditional culture!

Unfortunately, the quality of the traditional dresses we see in the market today can’t compared with those old dresses.

Books are used for record history or important things. To keep the beautiful memory of my first impression of the costume,
the admiration of old dresses, I choose the old printed book pages as background of my artworks.

The content of these books includes traditional medicine, art of war, fengshui, etc. Then paint my love dress on it!

© Yang Zhaohui