Share & Gift 晒单有礼 !

If you have purchased our paintings or made special orders from us, you will be able to attend this activity:
Take photos of your paintings and upload, you will get gift certificate code ( discount value: 100 RMB to 300RMB ) which can be used to purchase paintings on our website.


  • 1. The photos you uploaded is public viewable.
  • 2. The photos must show the surroundings around your paintings.
  • 3. Gift certificate is not redeemable for cash.

Once your photos are approved to display on our website, we will send gift certificate code to your via email.

将您购买或定制的艺术品拍照并上传,即可获得价值100至300元不等的礼品券, 可用于网上购买我们的艺术品。


  • 1. 任何访问我们网站的浏览者均可以看到您所上传得照片.
  • 2. 照片须展示出绘画艺术品所在的环境,如周围事物等.
  • 3. 礼品券不兑换现金.


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Choose Your Photo 选择您的照片

Choose Your Photo 选择您的照片

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