Artist Yang Zhaohui, Artist Zhaohui Yang, Artist Zhao hui Yang, Yang Zhaohui artwork, China contemporary art, original artwork, original painting, Chinese robe, still life, oil painting, acrylic paint : Hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix

Hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix
Oil Painting
120cm X 90cm

The name of the painting is based on the Chinese legend 'hundreds of birds paying homage to the phoenix'.

The red robe is embroidered with poenies,orchids, chrysanthemums and
lotus to represent the flowers of the four seasons, as welll as different birds.

The picture is complicated, but it has the beauty of Chinese traditional celebration.

I paint a real red bellied golden pheasant at the top right, trying to create a sense of parallel space.
This pheasant came to worship the phoenix , or just flew over this red robe.

© Yang Zhaohui